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Slab Capacity Chart

NOTE: Slab capacities are based on mesh over joists raised as indicated.

*Loads indicated are the total allowable service load that the slab can carry, Ws, and are determined from the conservative equation:

Ws = (Wf – 1.25 + D) / 1.5 + D

Where: Wf = Factored Total Load
D = Minimum Dead Load (weight of slab + joist)

Concentrated Loads

It is important to separate the total uniform loads from other special loads such as wall loads, concentrated loads, line loads, point loads, and partial loads, which should be shown on the drawings and will be added to the design requirements accordingly.

Hambro® can accommodate special loads in several different ways:

  1. Increasing slab thickness with the use of Hangerplate™.
  2. Adding another layer of mesh.
  3. Adding a joist under the load.
  4. Using headers to transfer the load to adjacent joists.

The method of choice will depend on the type and extent of special loading conditions. We stand ready to assist the professional engineer in his determination of the method to use to accommodate any special loading conditions.



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